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    Michele Beck CPA is built on technical expertise, innovative thinking and innovative solutions.


    Our staff's experience and academic credentials give our clients the depth of knowledge you'll find in a larger firm, while our dedication to superior customer service offers the personal, one-on-one approach for which Michele Beck is known.


    Aside from our experience and personal attention to our clients, one of the things that sets us apart is that we are caring and reliable, treating each client's account as if it were our own.


    We hope you'll take a few minutes to get acquainted with our staff and see why Michele Beck CPA is your best choice to meet your individual and business accounting needs.

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  • Audit Protection Plan

    Yes. You can relax during an IRS audit.



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  • Who We Are

    Michele Beck


    Michele established Michele Beck CPA and is President of the company.


    She is responsible for the general operation of the office, tax engagements, and business and financial management.


    She performs, as well as supervises, all facets of our accounting practice, including audits, financial statements, partnership and corporate tax returns.


    Michele’s strong commitment and hard work has made Michele Beck CPA growth and stability possible.

  • COVID update

    The office is open. In keeping with the social distancing requirement, we are handling all clients via phone, fax, email, and portal.

    Our office hours are 9:30 - 5 Mon - Thursday, closed on Friday.

    We appreciate your patience during this uncertain time.

    We are working as quickly as we can to prepare the returns that are currently in our office.

    Treasury Department

    The Treasury Department has extended the filing and payment date for all returns that were due on April 15 to July 15.

    First Quarter Tax Payments

    The first quarter estimated tax payment has also been delayed until July 15, however, the second quarter is due on June 15. No other delays for returns or payments have been announced.

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  • Audit Protection Plan

    Peace of mind

    If you receive a notice, would you know what to do?

    You go to your mailbox, pull everything out looking for something more exciting than junk mail, and there it is... an envelope with the return address “Internal Revenue Service” on it.

    Your heart starts to race, and you break out in a sweat. You open it and it’s a notice that the IRS is either questioning items on your tax return, or you’re going to be audited. Worse yet, you find out someone stole your identity, filed a tax return in your name, and collected a fraudulent refund!
    You might wonder why you received the letter from the IRS in the first place since you have your tax returns prepared by a professional. The truth is anyone is subject to the scrutiny of the IRS for a variety of reasons.
    Of course, if we do make any errors, we will correct the issue and take responsibility for any penalties or actions with the IRS.

    The Audit Protection Plan For One Low Fee

    With our Audit Protection Plan, we’ll protect you from ever having to deal with the tax authorities by yourself in case you get a notice from the IRS. And if you are ever summoned to meet with an IRS agent in person, we’ll attend on your behalf! All this happens without any extra charges to you. Isn’t that a relief?

    Sure, You Can Roll The Dice And Pass Up This Protection...

    Without our Audit Protection Plan in place, receiving an audit notification will cost you anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000 and up to have a licensed tax professional defend you in an audit. Here are the facts: The IRS sent out more than 9 million automated notices last year. When you receive a letter from the IRS, they will claim you owe them money or claim you didn’t report something properly, which you will have to defend, because with the IRS you are guilty until proven innocent. They have the power to levy your bank accounts and garnish your wages without a court order!

    The Audit Protection Plan Will Save You Time And Money...

    For a small fee that’s added to your tax preparation invoice, we’ll shield and protect you from ever having to deal with the tax authorities by yourself in the event you get a notice from the IRS or state tax authorities.
    And if you ever have to meet with an agent in person, we’ll attend the meeting on your behalf. You don’t even have to go!
    You have the option to “opt out” of the plan if you choose; otherwise, you can agree to the protection by paying the fee. But if you choose to “opt out” of the Audit Protection Plan, you will be charged our usual hourly rates to handle any notices you receive from the IRS or State.

    Your Peace of Mind Audit Protection Plan Also Includes Tax Identity Fraud Recovery...

    Tax Identity Fraud is on the rise. In the past two years alone, more than 5,000,000 Americans had their tax identity stolen, and thieves made off with $5.8 billion that was fraudulently claimed. So, yes, it happens a lot more than you realize. How are you supposed to prove that you are you?
    The Audit Protection Plan will give you full tax identity recovery and audit representation protection if you get any notice from the IRS. It will shield you from the time, money, and frustration you will undergo if you try to resolve these issues yourself.

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  • FAQ

    Hiring a CPA will save you money not cost you money.


    How CPAs can help

    Your accountant should be able to help you develop an organized, effective cash flow model that allows you to adjust your operations in ways that help you survive shortfalls, as well as improve receivables and manage payables.

    Computer Program Preference

    Knowing a little will save a lot

    Using a program the CPA is familiar with can save time and money on your bill. A CPA firm will also be able to help you in setting up and maintaining computerized bookkeeping.


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